Zinc Oxide
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Zinc Oxide
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Technical Data Sheet

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min. 75 - min. 72

Product Overview

  • Products:Zinc Oxide
  • Formula:ZnO
  • Category:Feed,agricultural and industrial grade


Zinc Oxide/Animal feed grade/fertilizer/technical grade

Zinc oxide is an inorganic compound with the formula ZnO. It is insoluble in water.

Zinc Oxide uses,application areas

Widely used as an additive in numerous materials and products including rubbers, plastics, ceramics, glass, cement, lubricants, paints, ointments, adhesives, sealants, pigments, foods, batteries, ferrites, fire retardants, and first-aid tapes. It occurs naturally as the mineral zincite, but most zinc oxide is produced synthetically. Zinc oxide can be used in ointments, creams, and lotions to protect against sunburn and other damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet light. It is also widely used to treat a variety of other skin conditions, in products such as baby powder and barrier creams to treat diaper rashes, calamine cream, anti-dandruff shampoos, and antiseptic ointments.

  • All Zinc Oxide products can be delivered in 25kg and 1000/1200kg air tight big bags.
  • Our products are GMP+ and REACH registered.

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