Magnesium Oxide (Caustic Calcined Magnesite)
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Magnesium Oxide (MgO)/feed grade, animal nutrition,fertilizer,additive/manufacturer/producer/supplier/Caustic Calcined Magnesite/CCM/1309-48-4

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MgO Overview

Product: Magnesium Oxide - Caustic Calcined Magnesite (CCM)
Formula: MgO
CAS: 1309-48-4
EINECS: 215-171-9
CN code: 25199010
Country of Origin: Turkey
Grades: CCM,Dead Burned Magnesia (DBM), Fused Magnesia (FM)

MgO Technical Data Sheet

For other grain sizes and reactivity types do not hasitate to contact with us.
Powder - 0 - 1 mm - 0 - 1,5 mm - 0 - 2 mm- 0,3 - 1,5 mm - - - 1 - 2 mm - 2 - 4 mm - MgO 90+

MgO Applications:

Animal Nutrition - Feed , Fertilizers/Agriculture , Abrasives,Glass,Ceramics , Hydrometallurgy , Pharmaceutical Soil decontamination,Waste neutralization,Water treatment.
  • What is Magnesium Oxide Fertilizer?
  • Magnesium Oxide (Caustic Calcined Magnesite) Animal Feed Grade/Nutrition,Additive,Supplement,Fertilizer/Technical Grade/Manufacturer/Producer/Supplier

    Magnesium Oxide-technical grade- Agricultural Applications and Magnesium Oxide-feed garde- Animal feed additive
    Magnesium oxide uses

    MgO is commonly used as a supplement for magnesium deficient soils especially for crops such as citrus, potatoes, vegetables, fruits and grass pastures.As we know magnesium is a required element in plant photosynthesis. Magnesium Oxide offers an available source of magnesium for various fertilizer applications.

    Plant forage and animal feeds are often deficient in the required magnesium levels for healthy animal nutrition. A supplemental source of magnesium is required to maintain healthy levels within a ruminant's diet. Nordfeed MgO offers a high concentration of magnesium as well as excellent biological availability.(feed grade)

    Magnesium deficiency in cattle and sheep can lead to a condition called grass tetany. This condition is more common in the spring and fall when levels of magnesium in the natural forage are not adequate to maintain healthy levels within the animal. Feed supplements and mineral premixes are commonly used to provide the necessary levels of magnesium to the animals to prevent grass tetany. MgO is the most widely used source of magnesium for these applications.(feed grade)

    MgO is also an important source of magnesium for rumen buffers and dairy supplements. It offers an available source of magnesium, which aids in increasing lactational performance.

    Calcined Magnesite is used as a refractory agent in the construction of crucibles. A crucible is a container which is intended to be placed in extremely high temperatures for the sake of heating its contents. Since the crucible itself must not be affected by the heat, it must be made with substances which retain their properties at high heat. Magnesium oxide is such a substance, so it is used in this manner.(technical grade)

    Due to these same heat-resistant properties, magnesium oxide powder makes an excellent insulator. It is used as the mineral component of mineral-insulated copper-clad cables, a form of industrial cable used for the protection of particularly critical electrical circuits during a fire, including fire protection devices such as alarms or smoke control systems.

    Other Magnesium Oxide Usage or Application Areas

    Abrasives,Animal feed supplement,Boiler (oil-fired) additives,Boiler feedwater treatment,Chemicals,Coatings,Construction(MgO Board),Electrical,Fertilizers,Foundries,
    Glass manufacture,Insulation,Plastics manufacture,Refractory and ceramics,Rubber compounding,Steel industry


  • All Magnesium oxide grades can be delivered in 25kg and 1000/1200kg air tight big bags.
  • Our products are GMP+ , Fami-QS and REACH registered.

  • Magnesium oxide/animal feed grade/fertilizer/technical grade/calcined magnesite/manufacturer/producer/supplier Nordfeed +90 532 5407833

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