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  • Animal Feeds

    Soybean meal, corn gluten meal, fish meal etc.

  • Feed Additives

    Poultry,ruminant and aquaculture feed additives,vitamins,minerals,aminoacids.

  • Fertilizer/Agricultural

    Magnesium Oxide,Magnesium Sulfate Anhydrous,Manganese Sulfate,Copper Sulfate,Ferrous Sulfate,Zinc Sulfate.

  • Grains

    Corn(Maize),Barley,Oat,Rye,Wheat,Millet,Milling Wheat.

  • Pulse

    Chickpea,Lentil,Yellow Pease,Rice.

  • Oily Seeds

    Safflower Seed,Sunflower Seed,Flax Seed(Linseed),Soybean Seed,Canola Seed.

Norfeed supplies minerals,additives, supplements and chemicals for animal feed , agriculture and industrial applications.Not only to provide excellent products for competative prices, but also our total commitment to costumer satisfaction.

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22 - August
The global feed industry Animal feeds play a leading role in the global food industry, enabling economic production of animal proteins throughout the world. [...]
3 - August
Latest commodity prices published In July, energy prices fell 4.8% and non-energy commodities slipped 0.5%. Food prices dropped by 3.0%. Beverages rose 1.5%. [...]

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