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Soybean Hulls
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Soybean Hulls
Soybean Hulls

Animal Feed Soybean Hulls

Soybean hulls are a by-product of the extraction of oil from soybean seeds (Glycine max (L.) Merr.).

After entering the oil mill, soybeans are screened to remove broken and damaged beans, and foreign material. The beans are then cracked, and their hulls, which mainly consist of the outer coats, are removed. Hulls are fibrous materials with no place in human food, but are very valuable for ruminants.

Nutrient Profile
Protein 10% Min.
Crude Fat 3.0%
Fiber 36.5% Max.
Fat 1.00% Min.
Total Digestible Nutrient 68.0%
ADF 45.0%
NDF 60.0%
Calcium 0.60%
Magnesium 0.23%
Phosphorus 0.19%
Potassium 1.16%

Amino Acid Profile
Arginine 0.48%
Cysteine 0.21%
Lysine 0.71%
Methionine 0.12%
Valine 0.47%
Threonine 0.37%
Tryptophan 0.08%

Energy Profile
Metabolic Energy(bovine) 2.440 kcal/kg

Soybean Hulls can be delivered as bulk cargo or in 50-kg bags.

Technical Data Sheet

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Soybean Hulls Animal Feed

Protein and energy source for animal feed industry

protein supplement
Soybean Hulls in Livestock
animal feed ingredient
feed additive
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Soybean Hulls for poultry/cattle

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