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Corn/Maize Bran
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Corn/Maize Bran
Corn/Maize Bran

Animal Feed Corn/Maize Bran

Corn/Maize bran is a by-product of various corn/maize processing industries, including starch and ethanol production, and the production of maize-based foods. While corn/maize bran theoretically consists of the bran coating removed in the early stages of processing, the corn/maize bran sold for livestock feeding is usually a mixture of the bran fraction and other by-products and is, therefore, a very loosely defined product of highly variable composition. In the case of ethanol production, corn/maize bran is defined as the mixture of the bran fraction and distillers solubles.

In the starch extraction process, corn/maize bran is usually mixed with steep liquor to produce corn gluten feed. In the production of maize grits by the dry milling process, corn/maize bran is mixed with broken kernels, germ residue after oil extraction, and inseparable fractions of germ, pericarp and endosperm to produce hominy feed.

Nutrient Profile
Protein 60% Min.
Moisture 10% Max.
Fat 2.0% Max.
Fiber 2.5% Max.
Ash 6.0% Max
Starch 20.0% Max.
ADF 6.0%
NDF 5.0%
Lignin 0.3%

Amino Acid Profile
Arginine 3.0%
Alanine 8.50%
Aspartic Acid 5.80%
Cysteine 1.80%
Glutamic Acid 20.10%
Glycine 2.50%
Histidine 2.00%
Isoleucine 4.00%
Leucine 15.90%
Methionine 2.40%
Phenylalanine 6.10%
Proline 8.70%
Serine 4.90%
Threonine 3.30%
Tryptophan 0.50%
Tyrosine 4.80%
Valine 4.50%

Energy Profile
Metabolic Energy(poultry) 4.150 kcal/kg
Metabolic Energy(bovine) 4.300 kcal/kg

Corn/Maize Bran can be delivered as bulk cargo or in 50-kg bags.

Technical Data Sheet

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Corn/Maize Bran Animal Feed

Protein and energy source for animal feed industry

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Corn/Maize Bran in Livestock
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Corn/Maize Bran for poultry/cattle

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